Numato Opsis

Backed up the Crowdsupply campaign around November 2015 and finally (May 2016) got my shiny new Numato Opsis


Well it DOES look a little fragile so first up I built some structure around it to protect the hardware from too much stress (attaching/ removing HDMI cables for the most part). Therefore I got me a set of short (20cm) HDMI cables.



I think that mounting a highly fragile electronic device to a scrap piece of wood is one of the better ideas.





I wanted to protect the HDMI connectors from any kind of mechanical stress as good as possible. Nothing worse than a faulty HDMI port. In order to achieve this I looked out for something that would mechanically support the patch cables. A permanent marker _would_ probably do the job quite satisfying but … well…



Time to print!




The part turned out quite well but the photo itself sucks on an epic scale. Yepp, definitely time for a new camera.




There it is in all its glory. I still bought a signal amplifier since I had some issues getting the HDMI inputs to work (they still don’t work properly but that seems to be a known issue)


I already successfully managed to upload a newer firmware version (which is not quite trivial at the moment since many parts of the documentation are still a work in progress).

Be sure to check back for upcoming posts about how to upload the firmware and how to actually USE the device.

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